About us
In 1972, Beyaz Construction Inc. was established with the mission to build qualified and modern structures, continues to develop projects in accordance with this mission for 40 years.

Beyaz Construction Inc. is one of the first companies that come to mind when the issue is luxory housing,  shopping malls and modern office projects  under the leadership of founders Ali Beyaz, Muammer Beyaz and Nizamettin Beyaz. Beyaz Construction Inc., completed the construction of more than 3,000 residences, more than 550 trading area and 6 pieces of modern office and luxury shopping mall projects. Beyaz Construction Inc. whom center is located in Istanbul 2. Ulus, reflects the latest developed technologies for the construction sector by investing in technology.

Beyaz Construction Inc. projects which are blended of technology and design in accordance,increased the standards of the construction sector and has embraced the principle to go one step further in every single project. In the future, Beyaz Construction Inc. which has become an important actor in construction sector with the high quality production, will continue to produce world class projects without compromising of its values and to provide significant contributions to the Turkish construction sector.

Beyaz Construction, Inc. which set out the philosophy of “Quality building for quality life”, in accordance with this purpose;

  • To add value to the city by producing high-quality, modern, aesthetic living spaces in all the projects carried out

  • To produce projects meet the expectations of its customers and to service with the principle of unconditional satisfaction after-sales

  • To integrate the innovations in technology to the projects, to work with the mission of creating World class safe living areas from past to present.

  • Vision
    Beyaz Construction, Inc. which progress according to goals determined since it was established, will continue to work ceaselessly,

  • To go further in every project to improve itself with its vision to make difference

  • To add value to the country,

  • To become the lead firm in the construction sector.